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AV-Sitter is a very popular animation system for Opensim and Second Life. Originally I proprietary system in Second Life it was later released as open source. Allowing multiple avi's to sit on single items without the need for pose balls.
AV-Sitter is available in our Welcome Sim as well as on

Covey Fork Details

Our fork of this project aims to add a few extra features. The first of which is the ability to replace the original "PrimTouch" feature from the first release of AV-Sitter. This can be useful when AV-Sitter is used in a child prim. Another menu can then have an "animation" button or similar which sends a UUID to Av-Sitter via a linked message. Av-Sitter would then send the user its own menu.

Using The extra functionality

Changes have only been applied to AV-Sitter2, simply replace the AV-Sitter

  1. Replace the [AV]sitA script with the version in our fork.
  2. Add something similar to the line below to the filter for the menu buttons on another menu

if (message == "Animate") llMessageLinked(LINK_ALL_OTHERS, 2000, "PRIMTOUCH", User);
Sent a linked message to the prim which contains the AV-Sitter scripts using number 2000 and the message "PRIMTOUCH" where "user" is the UUID of the avatar using the menu.


Covey AV-Sitter Fork