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[[:Category:Opensim Script Library|Opensim Script Library]]
[[:Category:Opensim Script Library|Opensim Script Library]]
[[:Category:Groups And Events|Groups And Events]]
[[Fire And Ice Grid - Contact Us|Contact Us]]
[[Fire And Ice Grid - Contact Us|Contact Us]]

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The Fire And Ice Opensim Grid is a free user-created 3D virtual world powered by OpenSimulator
A personal touch in the metaverse.

  • Free to join, free to use and free uploads
  • Make your home here and then share it with your friends.
  • Chat using text and voice
  • It's your life, live it!

Our background in running local businesses has combined with over 15 years of experience in virtual worlds. Delivering the kind of individual help and support not found elsewhere.

Main Website

Other Information

Places To Visit

Free Homes

Opensim Script Library

Groups And Events

Contact Us

Hypergrid Teleport - Getting Here From Another Grid

  • Map Teleport: fireandicegrid.net:8002
  • V3HG Teleport: secondlife://http|!!fireandicegrid.net|8002
  • HG Teleport: secondlife://fireandicegrid.net:8002
  • Hop Teleport: hop://fireandicegrid.net:8002