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About The Fire And Ice Grid Opensim Grid

The Fire And Ice Opensim Grid is a free user-created 3D virtual world powered by OpenSimulator.

Our background in running local businesses has combined with over 15 years of experience in virtual worlds. Delivering the kind of individual help and support not found elsewhere.

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Buying and Renting Land

Our land prices start from just £2 a month for a full region with 2k prims ranging to £7 a month with 45k prims.

There is no charge for a particular sim size. A 256m*256m sim is the same price as a 1024*1024m sim. All you pay for is the prim quota you want.
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Free Land

Free parcels are available through some of our grid residents, these are managed by the resident who is supplying them:

Contact Us And Social Media Links

Fire And Ice Grid - Contact Us - Links to the main website and social media contact methods.

Places To Visit

Free Wiki Pages for landowners

This wiki is a free service for landowners at the Fire And Ice Grid. Anyone who buys land from is allowed to make free wiki pages to promote their region and products.
By linking to the Category:Places To Visit page you will help to ensure that your page is found on by google and other search engines. Every time a link is added to that page we get a notification and will update the sitemap to reflect your new page.

Creating A New Page

To create new wiki pages you need to first make an account on this wiki. Use the create account link in the top-right if you have not done so already.

Editing and creating pages is done exactly the same way as any other wiki site. There is no need to know HTML or any other developers languages. To create a page which doesn't exist search for it by name in the search box and you will be promoted to create the page. If your page exists navigate to it, then press the edit button.

Opensim Script Library - A collection of scripts and scripted tools for use in Opensimulator. All scripts are written in LSL and OSSL

Fire And Ice User Pages