Garden And Furniture

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Garden And Furniture Sets all for free

A sim with a collection of free garden sets all packed into rez boxes. Pick the whole set or just take the bits you want. Its all free.

Stone Lake Garden

Windermouth Garden

Waterlinet Garden

Water front Park Garden

Temply Garden

Straftona Meadows


Seed Island

Hot Spring

Hot Spring


Fairdale Park

Ellingnoque Park

City Square


Blossom Plaza

Ancient Sunrise

Air Black

Getting Here

  • Map Teleport: And Furniture
  • V3HG Teleport: secondlife://http|!!|8002+Garden+And+Furniture
  • HG secondlife://
  • Hop Teleport: hop://
  • Local Grid Teleport: secondlife://Garden%20And%20Furniture/128/128/20