Heaven and hell

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Heaven and Hell Intro

Heaven And Hell Logo

Heaven and Hell comprises of 4 Clubs on an 8x8 Simm

Blue Diamond

Dance Club, House, Techno, Minimal, Top40s

DJ Zip lock every Thursday 11 till 12 am awesome dance music


where live events happen here and live singers and Artists of which are from a professional background

Heaven and Hell

Heaven is where we take you back to the 80s 70s and 60s

Pure heavenly music to the ears.

Hell is where its pure and unadulterated rock and Heavy metal, quite simply

Hell is for all those rockers out there who really want to let loose.

Other Attractions

Come over to Heaven and Hell we have places for you to live to, a marina and mountains

even a little pier with the fairground.

Getting Here

  • Map Teleport: fireandicegrid.net:8002:Heaven And Hell
  • V3HG Teleport: secondlife://http|!!fireandicegrid.net|8002+Heaven+And+Hell
  • HG secondlife://fireandicegrid.net:8002/Heaven%20And%20Hell/956/1214/24
  • Hop Teleport: hop://fireandicegrid.net:8002/Heaven%20And%20Hell/956/1214/24
  • Local Grid Teleport: secondlife://Heaven%20And%20Hell/956/1214/24