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Reflection group is a very casual gathering of Fire & Ice residents for the purpose of:

  • getting to know one another
  • promoting meaningful connections
  • building a TRUSTing community feel
  • giving a chance for quiet folks to be known
  • address topics that are interesting, informative or just FUN

The Mission and Idea of the group

I often think back (yes, reflect) on why I started the Reflections Meetings. I think, for the most part, it was just to get people together and openly and honestly ask a very basic question, "WHY do WE need a second (or virtual) life to begin with?".

What am I looking for? The comments that came from that simple question has been and continues to be very eye-opening for me and a bit cathartic for participants. With my 35 year RL background in the study of human behaviour, of course, the various responses are intriguing to hear and for the groups themselves? a mystery to decipher.

Several questions grew out of this one simple question:

  • How well do you respect other's boundaries?
  • How can one tell if they are addicted to VL?
  • What is your greatest skill that might be shared with a grid?
  • What has been your best/worst relationship?
  • Why do some hate or grief?
  • What have you learned about yourself through VL?
  • How does anonymity play into VL?
  • What advice would you give to anyone coming into virtual life?
  • and many others......

Extra Benefits

After having conducted 4 years of Reflection meetings in virtual life, I have witnessed another (or maybe several) side benefits.

  1. The act of residents coming together and sharing the honest "good, bad & ugly" history of their journeys here in this crazy world has helped us BOND. We quickly observe we have all shared a LOT of similar highs and lows of virtual life. The virtual platform allowed us to see the same heartaches, disappointments and thrills in dealing with people, even in the virtual avatar form.
  2. The 'coming together' with the purpose of honestly sharing with fellow residents also seems to build "TRUST". Trust was a very reoccurring theme and topic. We all appreciated the value and how critical trust played in our virtual world. But to push forward and openly discuss 'trust' in a group setting was in and of itself unique! It opened us up to be known'. It revealed WHO we really [200] were and what 'needs' we had for this experience....a slippery subject in this virtual universe.
  3. I have seen how being honest built unity and cooperation among grid members. The term "family" is often overly used by many grids where there seems to be very little actual evidence of a 'family feel' at all. But what is a key factor in a family???? Well, in my opinion, healthy ones share openly with all members.....acknowledge the good times and bad...are held accountable with responsibilities but learn from mistakes ....and above all....have a climate of respect, acceptance and forgiveness.

I have witnessed the Reflection Group meetings building and supporting all this and more. SOOO.... what's the "mission" of REFLECTIONS???? The Beatles may have said it best "COME together....right now....over 'us'....."

"We do not learn from experience....we learn from reflecting on our experience." ~ John Dewey

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