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Reflection group is a very casual gathering of Fire & Ice residents for the purpose of:

  • getting to know one another
  • promoting meaningful connections
  • building a TRUSTing community feel
  • giving a chance for quiet folks to be known
  • address topics that are interesting, informative or just FUN

Further Information

To be honest, it's hard to define the actual meeting itself. It is a rather spontaneous climate with occasional topics to address....but they often spin off to other ideas that participants want to address.

Honesty is encouraged, so it becomes more than silly "Club Chat" or subtle put-downs. The expectation to talk openly about the Virtual Life experience does lean toward members addressing good, bad and ugly moments in their virtual lives. (both current and on other grids.....but NO Grid bashing!!!)

Without exceptions, participants of this group on other grids have had positive thoughts and words for this effort. They often say things like, "This is very unique" or "we don't get this type of honest conversations about our virtual lives". (Una Riona and Orb Emerald are two you could contact and i hope would have positive things to say about THEIR participation in it)

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