Shopping Village

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Shopping Village

This Shopping Village was created by the residents of Fire and Ice Grid, and filled by many people! We have hundreds of free items collected from all over the grids, in one very organized, shopping mall! Right at the landing point, you will find a region teleport board. Go directly to where you want to be or look around.

Everything is free! Bring a friend and come check out our Shopping Village!

Residents who wish to add items will be given the chance to do so, and if you need more than a small unit there are larger individual stores available.

If you fancy putting on a fashion show there is a catwalk just ready to go. Anyone interested in this should contact one of the grid admin or volunteers.

Fashion Show Area
Helpful teleport board to areas of the shopping village

Getting Here

  • Map Teleport: Village
  • V3HG Teleport: secondlife://http|!!|8002+Shopping+Village
  • HG Teleport: secondlife://
  • Hop Teleport: hop://
  • Local Grid Teleport: secondlife://Shopping%20Village/243/136/27